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Begins July 15th, 2019

The next session of classes at The Dirt Underneath begins July 15th. All classes are 4 hrs/week for 6 weeks and capped at 10 students. All scenes are filmed with a 2 camera set-up and you are sent your footage via a downloadable link every week. Read below to learn about our coaches and class options:

In these classes, actors will learn their strengths and what they need to work on in front of the camera. Points of emphasis will be: seeking out visceral objectives; the belief that an objective is attainable; finding compelling obstacles through both character and in-depth script analysis; and learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable while working in front of the camera through breath and physical awareness on existing film and television scripts.
✶An advanced class is also offered for actors who are working regularly in film and television and theatre or who have studied with John for at least two terms.

∙Mondays 6pm-10pm (Advanced Class)
∙Tuesdays 11am-3pm
∙Wednesdays 11am-3pm

The Dirt has honed in on some key concepts that The Cycle unpacks to bridge the gap between technique and play. By working at a slower pace The Cycle aims to keep acting fun, develop strategies to utilize the actor’s natural nerves, and form a vocabulary that ignites a free imaginative flow from analysis to practice to performance. This is a class for those new to the craft or are looking to re-examine their technique by working at a slower pace than John Gordon’s regular and advanced On-Camera Scene Study classes.

∙Mondays 11:30am-3:30pm
∙Tuesdays 6pm-10pm

Register and pay by June 24th and get $50 off the regular class price . To register click here: http://

First and foremost, acting is embarrassing. It’s way better when it is. We need a space to break patterns and habits, to stop worrying about whether it’s polished enough, to develop new points of view, to know not just know what the characters want, but why they deserve to get it. I believe breath connects us to emotional and physical impulses and that cannot be emphasized enough. I believe in comprehensive script analysis and working moment to moment to achieve visceral objectives. In front of the camera and onstage at The Dirt, this pursuit is not sacred and is full of silliness and joy.
- John Gordon

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