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Join Chan Hon Goh, former Principal Dancer at the National Ballet of Canada on February 7th for an unforgettable Masterclass workshop.

This Masterclass Series is an unforgettable opportunity for aspiring dancers all over the country to attend a dance experience with one of this generation’s most gifted and prolific artists, Ms. Chan Hon Goh, former Principal Dancer of the National Ballet of Canada and Director of the Goh Ballet Academy.

Held annually across the country, participants will be given professional training and thought provoking coaching that focuses on emotional artistic expression by a Canadian ballet superstar. All participants are invited to join Ms Goh for a special Q&A as a part of the experience. Masterclass Series with Prima Ballerina Chan Hon Goh is proudly presented by De Beers Diamond Jewellers Canada. The National Scholarship Award is Sponsored by the German Auto Import Network.

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