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If rhetoric is the art of persuasion, then rhetoric is at the very centre of theatre. Plays are about human beings, their wants, needs, struggles and emotional turmoil, and the characters living in the worlds of plays find themselves in high-stakes situations where they must fight to win.

They do this by talking …. and talking …. and talking. They try to persuade, convince, seduce – anything and everything short of violence to get others (and the audience) on their side. Only when the swords, knives or guns come out does the talking stop. All this talk means using rhetoric, the fundamental building block of persuasion in action, or doing something to someone else. This class is an exploration of what rhetoric is, how it works, how it supports, informs and gives power to all that talk. It is open to actors, playwrights and directors; it will include in-class exercises and discussion, the exploration of various texts and provide an opportunity to address the specific needs and interests of the participants. Please note that work between the classes is expected.

Please contact: with a brief, 1-2 paragraph, statement about your interest in the course. Registration is limited.

$550 Regular
and $450 Equity/Artist discount

FALL 2016 DATES & TIMES: 9 CLASSES FROM 6:30 – 9:30 P.M.
Monday, November 14
Thursday, November 17
Monday, November 21
Thursday, November 24
Monday, November 28
Thursday, December 1
Monday, December 5
Thursday, December 8
Monday, December 12

Terry Tweed has been working in Canada as a professional actor, director and teacher for over 35 years. As an actor, she has appeared on television, film, radio, and in most of the major theatres across the country. Her various acting credits include Driving Miss Daisy, Forests, Another Home Invasion, Over the River and Through the Woods, Homechild, Orpheus Descending, The Medici Slot Machine, The Comedy of Errors, Happy Days, and The Faraway Nearby. Terry’s directing credits include Blood Brothers, The Women, Bonjour là Bonjour, Missing Celia Rose and Arcadia (Bermuda), Salt Water Moon, This Year Next Year, and Albertine en cinq temps/Albertine in Five Times, a bilingual production for Théâtre du Trillium. Terry was associated with the University of Ottawa for more than 25 years, where she taught in both English and French. She has also taught at the University of Toronto (Erindale), the Uni

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