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On sale until October 1 $125.00 (after $175.00)

  • Tuesday October 15, 10am-5pm
  • Clown Soap Opera Showcase: Tuesday October 15, 8pm-9:30pm

Prerequisite: Previous workshop experience with Deanna required. Those taking the 2-day Naked Comedy intensive, the Drag Comedy intensive, or previous classes with Deanna are welcome.

This intensive combines elements of melodrama with clown sensibility. How does the clown approach "serious acting"? We will find and hone the two levels of clown melodrama: the skill of "being a great melodramatic actor" and the reality of being a clown trying to make deep art with other clowns. What problems arise for the clown attempting deep art? In what ways does the clown succeed and fail at creating deep art? And how are both those successes and those failures funny?

In this workshop, expect the following:

  • Play and exploration of the Melodramatic Acting body: honing bold physical choices, creating exciting stage pictures
  • Two-level storytelling: What does it mean to tell two stories at once—both the "plot" of the melodrama and the unfolding relationship of the clowns to the material and to each other?
  • Scripting for Clown: how to talk funny and sidestep the pesky brain.
  • Story templates that can be used for improvisation, ensemble building and performance.
  • Personalized feedback about your melodramatic "sweet spots", exploration of your particular brand of melodrama.

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