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The Course:
Do you already know how to learn "the bones" of a story?
Would you like strategies to make your tales more powerful and interesting?
This course may be for you!
Bring a story that you’d like to work on. Each class will include a lesson (or sometimes two) on a specific technique, followed by exercises done in partners or small groups.
You will get specific feedback that you can apply immediately to your chosen story.
Topics include: building tension, character development, openings and closings, sensory and emotional details, rhythms, repetitions and patterns, transformations and turning points, language, pacing and connecting with different types of listeners.

This course is intended for storytellers with some storytelling experience and for performers wishing to delve deeper into the art of oral storytelling. If you are uncertain if this course is for you, feel free to contact us at

The Instructor:
Lynn Torrie is an experienced storyteller and an experienced teacher, who has a knack for breaking complex topics down into simple steps. Her students describe her as “knowledgeable” “helpful” “insightful” and “inspiring”. She has a passion for traditional folk tales and stories from Ontario’s history, which she tells to adults, children and audiences of mixed ages.

The Company:
Storytelling Toronto is an organization that has continued to teach, celebrate, and explore the art and tradition of oral storytelling.
Over the years (since 1979) many hundreds of people have taken workshops at Storytelling Toronto, and many thousands of have come to the annual Toronto Storytelling Festival to enjoy stories told by local, national, and international storytellers. From experienced, seasoned elders to young tellers experimenting with the nature of spoken narrative, Storytelling Toronto is a creative centre for story-lovers who share a passion for and a vision of storytelling as an transformative art in contemporary life.
Storytelling Toronto continues to run the annual festival and courses for adults. It also produces a weekly StoryTent at The Stop Farmer’s Market at Artscape Wychwood Barns, cabaret series StoryFusion, a resource library, and regular e-newsletters for a community that includes well over a thousand storytellers, story-listeners, teachers, librarians, theatre artists, writers, parents, and others.

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