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Date: March 25, 2020

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Cultivating Consent Culture Learning Lab
Facilitated by Rania El Mugammar

No prerequisite

This full-day training session explores the larger social context of sexual violence, and the individual, collective, and cultural impact of this violence both inside our organizations and our communities as a whole. Participants will explore and problematize current common practices for addressing and preventing sexual violence within our organizations.

Additionally, participants will explore strategies and best practices for addressing these realities within our spaces and by extension, our communities. Practice implications with an understanding of the legislative context and the values of anti-oppressive practice.

Systemic implications as well as cultural shifts are explored through a strategic framework rooted in community accountability, liberation and transformative justice. Case studies and samples of policies and interventions will be explored and contextualized for theatre companies and the performing arts. The roles of various stakeholders in the processes of accountability and transformation are explored.

The session uses the introductory framework of Rania El Mugammar’s Cultivating Consent Culture Workshop which uses the anti-oppression frame work to understanding rape culture and the mechanisms by which it manifests inside arts and community spaces. Practices and principles for fostering brave spaces and a culture of consent will be explored, along with problematizing existing models and practices. Prevention and responses to disclosure are key principles for this workshop. This session is ideal for artists, organizers and administrators in arts and community spaces across disciplines. The session is deeply rooted in transformative justice practices and a culture of care built on meaningful, survivor centred interventions.


  • $ 375 (+ HST) for 1 lab (up to 4 staff/board members from your organization)
  • $ 675 ( + HST) for 2 labs (up to 4 staff/board members from your organization per session)


  • March 25, 2020
  • 10am - 5pm
  • b current
  • Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie Street #251 Toronto, ON M6G 4C7


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