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Session dates: September 13 - 15, 2019

My Directing the Actor course is coming up September 13-15.

*3 days of practical and in-depth learning
*You’ll prepare one scene to shoot
*Actors will audition for you
*You’ll have 6 professional actors to work with
*Learn to make best use of rehearsal time
*Experience how far you can push an actor
*The harmonious atmosphere will facilitate proper and deliberate practice to hone the director’s skills and creativity

This specially designed course offers an intimate group of directors the opportunity to immerse themselves in acting and the actor. The directors will learn to better understand their own communication and leadership styles as well as develop a simple fluency in the grammar of the actor’s performance. As directors learn first and foremost by doing, each participant will have ample directing time as they learn the actor’s methodology, terminology and psychology.

For more information about this course, visit the CFA website. You'll find course information, as well as a few videos from the work I've done with the Directors in previous sessions.

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