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The ability of directors and dramaturges to work together to help shape meaningful and entertaining theatre is a crucial part of any production process.

Join Matt McGeachy as he discusses the director-dramaturge collaboration when working on new plays. Learn strategies that can help turn what could be a strained, forced, or distant relationship to an intense and fruitful collaboration as with any member of the artistic of design team.

In this workshop, all participants will take as their starting point Governor-General’s Award-winning David Yee’s carried away on the crest of a wave (Playwrights Canada Press, 2014). Participants will use this text to help shape and model discussions about:

The pre-production process and collaboration between the director and dramaturge
The rehearsal process
Giving and receiving meaningful notes
Dealing with common issues that arise in this collaboration
This workshop is aimed primarily at directors, but all interested artists are welcome.

Wed November 1st

$40 plus HST Regular Price
$32 Equity Members
$20 plus HST for Theatre Ontario individual and organization* members

For more information, please contact Nicole Pena The Community Outreach and Training Coordinator, at or 416.408.4556 x10

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