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Sat Oct 20 & Sun Oct 21

The Dirt Underneath Actors' Space, 636 Pape Ave
12-5pm, Max 8 students

EARLY BIRD RATE $215 (incl HST) – Register & pay by Oct 8
$250 (incl HST) – Register & pay by Oct 15

This improv-based two-day collaborative workshop, taught by Hannah Spear and John Gordon, is all about unlocking the characters within you and finding the inspiration to create.

As actors, we come to realize much of our career is about stamina. How can we keep things interesting for ourselves? Continue to seek out inspiration? Our agent and peers tell us how well we’re doing; auditioning semi-regularly, booking a few times a year. That fun day on set arrives. We update our resume: Cop #2, Funny Chick at coffee shop, Grieving Mom, Aggressive Frat Boy. Essential to the story, but nameless.

We’re searching for something more creative, to sink our teeth into… So we sit down, start to write. We’re excited. We’re going to have a name! Maybe even a last name!! Our protagonist begins to take shape: A person who grew up in the suburbs, works a meaningless job, barely keeping their artist dream alive, earnestly taking to heart the dreary advice of ‘write what you know’…

Let’s reinvigorate this inevitable stage of creation an unlock characters within; characters you’ve been talked out of believing you are equipped to embody.

Over this 2 day workshop we will use improvisational techniques to develop a character with you. We’ll work through exercises to develop physicality, lean into status work, and have you live within imagined scenarios. We’ll work to find your protagonist. Whether that be Young Woman From The Prairies, Wacky Neighbour With A Dark Secret, or even… no…that’s unrealistic why bother?…the lead. The lead!!!??? Yep. The character with seemingly effortless ease and status who has a long long term objective and spends the whole play/series/movie getting f’d with and overcoming. Whoa. Weird. Are you guys sure about this? For the love of heck, why not!? We’ll give you the space to experiment and explore, using your own lived experience to create a unique and multifaceted character. This weekend requires commitment and a willingness to throw yourself into the deep end and stretch. If you are brand new to improv we recommend taking a few drop-ins at the dirt before applying.

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