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The De-construction of Individual Myths - In the Workshop we will explore our habits, norms, traditions and passed experiences who have left traces in our unconcious and made us who we are today.

What will be explored in the workshop ?
Participants will learn to devise theatre; transforming their personal experiences into creative theatrical materials, build a collective and under the umbrella of collective creation, share their personal narratives. We will learn to change our perspectives, using our past experiences and our histories to tap into ourselves.

What will participants gain ?
We will learn to build community. This workshop will allow participants to assume their individuality in the group while learning how to be part of a collective. They will also develop their presence on stage. They will build confidence in using their voices to speak directly in order to be authentic.

For more information, please visit the De-construction of Individual Myths section on our website

De-construction of Individual Myths

Location : 157 Carlton Street, Toronto
Date : Thursday August 18th & Friday August 19th 6-9pm
Cost : $5
Reserve your spot ! Call us at 416-515-8080 or e-mail us at

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