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To lots of artists, finance feels like a different language and so it can be difficult to manage money especially when faced with the complications of variable income, multiple income streams and values that don’t always connect to traditional financial planning.

In this session, we’ll talk about how you can take control of your money and use it to build a life that you care about (whatever that means to you). We’ll discuss the dysfunctional beliefs that hold us back as well as practical methods to budget, save and structure your finances no matter how non-traditional your money is.

Chris Enns | Rags to Reasonable
Chris Enns splits his life between his financial planning practice and the opera stage: "My dream is of a world where creatives feel stable enough to create the art that they were born to create... where they can build lives that are rich in every possible way." Check him out at

This workshop is FREE to attend. Attendance is by registration only - spots are limited.

Posted by: Dancer Transition Resource Centre and The AFC
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