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June 4 - July 2, 2019

"Get to know your voice - it's strong, it's resilient, it's expressive, it's you ..." - Kristin Linklater

Deepen your work by finding your authentic connection to yourself, your voice, and your characters. In this Linklater Voice class led by voice coach Lauren Maykut (MFA Columbia University, AEA, CAEA,) you will learn to release tensions that inhibit your mind, body, and breath, and stimulate the involuntary nervous system to free the voice you were born with: a voice that is strong, flexible, and permeable. A voice that directly and spontaneously reveals your inner life, free of strain.

Dates: Five Tuesday mornings from June 4 - July 2

Time: 10am - 1pm

Location: b current studio
601 Christie Street, #251

Cost: Regular - $270
CAEA Member - $216

To register: email

About The Class:

In this class you will begin with physical awareness and specific relaxation to release trapped energy in the body, creating a lively state of awareness. Next you will free your breathing musculature to release initial vibrations of sound. Through humming, you will develop resonance and spread the feeling of sound vibrations through your body. Then you will open the throat, addressing tension in the jaw, tongue and larynx and awaken the soft palate. You will then explore the resonating frequencies of the first three rungs of the resonating ladder— the chest, the mouth, and the teeth — to strengthen the voice and begin to rediscover the 3-4 octave range you were born with.

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Posted by: Lauren Maykut, Voice & Text Coach

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