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Auguste Rodin used to say that all he did to sculpt was "free the statue from the rock."

Ha ha ha, that's all?! Of course there's a lot more to it than that. We have to make sure that the performer is already in a "sweet spot", a zone that that specific performer is especially suited to. We have to build the dramaturgy of a given piece, ensuring that it has flow, arc and a satisfying journey. And we have to chip away at the non-essentials until we really get at the brilliant core of the thing.

In this two-day intensive, we will work on building specific material, and we will develop strategies for continuing to create and dramaturg work on our own.

This class is limited to only 8 participants or small groups to allow for loads of personalized feedback and work time. Each group or participant will also have a short consultation with Deanna leading up to the workshop.

Expect to:

Learn and re-enforce good frameworks and structures for performance pieces.

Create and/or hone short performance pieces, or the strong beginnings of a few pieces.

Develop more strategy for creating pieces on your own/ with collaborators.

Laugh, Use Index Cards, Laugh more

This workshop is ideal for solo or small performance groups who work in clown/bouffon/standup/sketch worlds, already have ideas and impulses about what they want to be doing, but need structure and outside direction to really get going and get their work to the next level.

Posted by: Sweet Action Theatre Company
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