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Halogen lamps are the most exciting new thing in shadow projection, as a powerful tool for puppeteers and imaginative theatre practitioners alike. Halogen wheels Halogen lamps are a single-point light source, like the sun, so the projected image stays in focus wherever the puppet/object is manipulated.

The lamps can be fixed in a location or hand-held for different effects: you can project onto walls, curtains, screens, paper, people – you name it. Shadows can be cast of two- or three-dimensional objects, and the lamps are powerful enough to project shadows at the same time as other action takes place on stage.

In this workshop, you will experiment with halogen’s capabilities. You will discover some of the amazing visual images that can be created: huge shadows, shadows within shadows, layered images, cross fades. You will play with magical worlds, movie-like image collages, and phantasms; pan in for close-ups, make large items dwindle away, and create psychedelic tricks with reflective materials!

Sunday February 22nd, 10 am to 4 pm. $150
Telephone: 416-469-3555
Studio Address: Unit W-23 at 388 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, ON

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