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On sale until October 6 $320.00 (after $400.00)

  • Friday October 18, 6pm-10pm
  • Saturday October 19, 10am-5pm
  • Sunday October 20, 10am-5pm

The Idiot Workshop is an LA based training program for artists of all kinds who seek to discover new creative territory. The Ideology of the Idiot has its roots in contemporary theatrical clown, improv and the trickster archetype. This class is great for anyone with previous Idiot training or new to the work.

The foundation of The Idiot begins with the establishment of a relationship with the audience. Without an audience The Idiot does not exist. Performers in The Idiot Workshop learn to be present and playful allowing them to improvise organically without having to follow improv rules or formulas. Range is developed through strong commitment to choice, character, self and partner. Performers are encouraged to play from their unique comedy core and to discover the potential for game in every moment. Performers are introduced to physical performance engaging the entire body. Performers tap into their own sense of the ridiculous in order to riff more freely, taking bigger risks with the audience. Performers are introduced to the the idea of The Idiot as catalyst and Little Shit, gaining insights and acquiring the techniques on how to work a room through stakes, tension and release, energy placement, drive and game.

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