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Date: Sunday December 13, 2020

Time: Sun: 11am-2pm PST/12-3pm MST/2-5pm EST
$25-$100 sliding scale
$80 Equity/UBCP Members

Intimacy for Stage and Screen is a practical approach to staging Scenes of Intimacy in performance, using core principles of storytelling, choreography and consent. This workshop is focussed on this specialty from the perspective of the stage manager.

  • An overview of Intimacy Direction, and the speciality of Intimacy Director (ID)
  • How a Stage Manager can support scenes and moments of intimacy, including guidelines for when to ask for an ID skills and techniques for the SM to have (notating intimacy choreography, scheduling recommendations, technical needs)
  • How to support the production to make the process of Intimacy choreography more comfortable for everyone.
  • The SMs responsibilities to production and company members when Intimacy is involved
  • Common conversations when the production is considering bringing an ID onto the creative team
  • How does intimacy direction help to support a brave and vulnerable Creative Workspace?
  • Recording choreography for scenes of intimacy
  • Movement calls and check-ins
  • Scheduling for scenes of intimacy
  • SM kit items that could be intimacy or Respectful Workspaces related
  • Recommendations for SM self-care when Violent Intimacy is involved in the production

Participants can engage with the material in conversation throughout the event. A Google Meet link will be sent to you through Eventbrite. Closed captioning is available on this platform.

If you are interested in our bursary options. or need support to attend please email
directly. Thank you for asking for what you need!

There are limited community tickets and discounted sliding scale tickets available for this event for individuals with financial restrictions. Tickets are first-come first-serve, but please be mindful. Union Discount of 20% for UBCP/ACTRA as well as access to sliding scale.

Siobhan Richardson is a pioneer voice in Intimacy in Performance, and was a co-founder of Intimacy Directors International. She is the first certified Intimacy Director in Canada, co-founder of Intimacy Directors International, was the first Intimacy Coordinator to be hired under an ACTRA Intimacy Coordinator contract and the first ACTRA Intimacy Coordinator contract at Ubisoft. She has been teaching Intimacy extensively across Canada over the last three years, travelling from Vancouver to Halifax to teach this work

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