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An introductory workshop into the language of Laban Movement Analysis, with a focus towards crafting intimacy for stage and screen. The participants will dip their toes into the concepts of BESS – Body, Effort, Space and Shape – as a means to carve out vocabulary that distills clear motivation with regard to breath and connectivity (Body); awareness to feeling states (Effort); relationship to self and other (Shape); and lastly how one negotiates their personal kinesphere (Space).
The workshop will be of interest to directors, actors, intimacy coordinators and choreographers, but is open to all who have an interest in learning about language that is specifically used to interpret, observe and analyze the meaning of movement. We will actively be up on our feet practically applying the concepts through various movement explorations and partner observations. You do not need to be a mover to attend this workshop. Please prepare an area so you have the ability to move all your limbs through the space and also, have a stable chair or stool that you can easily move off to the side.
This course is part of The National Society of Intimacy Professional’s (NSIP) Certification Program. Once the pathway to certification is released, any workshops previously taken that have met the requirement will be counted.

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