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Crash open doorways to your creativity and fire your imagination with a blowtorch from the divine muses!

The inspired madness of Mask & Le Jeu will stretch your physical, creative and imaginative muscles with the ferocious joy of Le Jeu and transform your acting technique with the extraordinary engagement of Masks.

DATES: Monday March 16th & Tuesday March 17th / 10am-4pm OR: Saturday March 20th & Sunday March 21st / 10am-4pm
COST: $75
A two day crash course into the extraordinary world of mask characters, this is an introduction into the different styles of mask and levels of play, incorporating teachings of Jacques Lecoq, Philippe Gaulier and Pierre Lefevre. With over 70 masks in five different styles, this workshop offers the opportunity to explore Neutral, Larval, Expressive, Non-Speaking and Speaking Character masks in a dynamic, fast-paced approach that will introduce participants to the creative possibilities and benefits for actors of this physical technique.

Mask training strengthens the actors physical presence, stretches range, develops pleasure to play and stimulates the imagination - which all work together to develop actors who are able to respond to their creative impulses with extraordinary imagination and physicality. A key element will be an introduction into Le Jeu(Play), focusing on developing the actor’s spirit, activating pleasure and finding a joy to engage through improvisation. The skills acquired through Mask and Le Jeu will positively impact an actor’s work in performance, rehearsals and auditions.

This workshop is guaranteed to make you sweat, howl, laugh and glad to be alive!

Sonia Norris has over 20 years experience as an actor, director & teacher including Stratford Festival, Birmingham Conservatory, Cirque du Soleil, Disney Productions, and universities internationally. She trained at Ecole Jacques Lecoq, Ecole Philippe Gaulier, Dell”Arte School of Physical Theatre, Playhouse Acting School & MFA Directing York U. As a teacher, Sonia has developed a highly physical, dynamic approach to actor-training that provokes the performer to new levels of engagement and risk. The focus of Sonia’s methodology is activating physicality and imagination, to work in tandem with the intellect of the actor. Sonia has a talent for revealing what is extraordinary in each actor.

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