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Seven Siblings Theatre is running a two day Michael Chekhov Acting Technique workshop at The Tarragon Theatre!

The intensive will take place on April 14th and 15th and run from 12-5pm each day. Participants will explore the world of Cymbeline, and apply the technique to Shakespeare’s text to unlock a practical, specific, and imaginative rehearsal process.

Artistic Director Will King and Artistic Producer Madryn McCabe (two certified teachers of the Michael Chekhov Technique from the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium) will lead the training. The sessions will include introductory exercises in atmosphere, character body, centres, archetypes, and ensemble.

Artist Testimonials:

"I've done several workshops in the Chekhov technique over the years, but it has never seemed more practical to me than when I was working with Seven Siblings. I've done two shows with them (Titus Andronicus and Edward Albee's The Play About The Baby) and would be happy to do another! I think my favourite exercises/techniques are centres, atmospheres, and ghosts.” - Scott McCulloch

"This technique was a really useful and innovative way to explore and discover the physicality of a character. I tend to sometimes be too heady and intellectual sometimes with my character work, so I found the Chekhov technique was a great way to let loose and let my body inform the work for once. It was also great how Madryn and Will never pressure you to accept all the exercises - there was very much a "take what works for you, ignore the rest!" approach which was very liberating. I'd definitely recommend this training for anyone looking to have fun and explore a character from a unique and refreshing perspective.” - Genevieve Adam

"I had the chance to work on the Rhinoceros with the Seven Siblings team and absolutely had a wonderful time! They have a great understanding of the Chekhov technique and are especially great at picking exercises that complement actors personalities, the characters they play and that push the development of the piece to match their artistic vision; not to mention they work incredibly well as a team. I would highly recommend a workshop with them if you'd like to explore the Chekhov technique.” - Veronica Baron

$50 (Before Mar 30th) *EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT*
$70 (After Mar 30th)
All artists must register by April 8th.

To attend the workshop, send us an email with your resume or bio to with the subject “MC Meets Shakespeare."

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