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Mouth Puppetry for the Camera with Mike Petersen
Saturday February 28th, 10 am to 4 pm. $250 (includes tech and technicians)

You’ve got your puppet. You like it. You like the way it looks, the way it laughs; you like its voice, its personality, the stories it tells and the company it keeps.

Maybe you’ve appeared in public, and played on stage. Now, for the camera. Television is a whole new challenge. Can your puppet walk and talk and act inside the TV’s frame? Can you sculpt your performance and “play to the camera”? Come find out! Mouth Puppetry for the Camera will throw puppeteers right into the deep end. But don’t worry – they say drowning is a peaceful way to go. Here you’ll gain actual hands-on (or rather, hands-in) experience performing your character in front of a camera. You’ll monitor your performance and learn how to shape your movements so that the lens will love you. Here, you’ll be acting with your hands while learning on your feet. While this class is an excellent introduction for beginners, prior experience with acting and with puppets is strongly recommended. You will need your own mouth puppet for this workshop - or talk to us.

Telephone: 416-469-3555
Puppetmongers Theatre: Unit W-23 at 388 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto

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