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Begins January 29th. 6 sessions, 6-10pm. $490 (tax in.)

Acting styles change with the times and right now acting for television and film is changing dramatically. What’s required today in episodic drama and feature films is the ability to be utterly and completely natural and truthful in front of the camera and this demands enormous confidence in one’s skills. It’s a great and exciting challenge for both new and experienced actors and it requires a new way of focusing and adapting your skills.

The goals in this course are: the ability to analyze a scene, play truthfully, reveal yourself, mean what you say, build your confidence and conviction and develop a proper method of work -- all leading you to be a better actor and getting more work.
The key element is proper practice and repetition leading to good habits. You learn by having the experience.

This course is right for you if: you are committed to being a professional actor; you have some basic actor training under your belt; if you recently graduated from theatre school or an acting program; you have an agent or are now actively seeking one.

Classes are 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm on the following dates:
Mon Jan 29
Mon Feb 5
Wed Feb 7
Mon Feb 12
Mon Feb 19
Wed Feb 21

To register, please visit our website.

A photo and resume must be submitted before attendance can be confirmed.

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