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Level 1(runs on Sundays, starting February 12)

Using scenes from television series and feature films, you’ll explore what’s required to act effectively and successfully today and you’ll develop your new acting skills in a safe and enthusiastic environment. Every class will give you the opportunity to work in front of the camera and we’ll record your work for your review at home. Improvisation will be used to deepen your connection to the scene you are working on. Step by step we’ll strengthen both your confidence and your ability to be open and truthful under the challenging conditions of a television or film set. We’ll focus as well on what’s unique about you, helping you recognize what you as an actor, and no one else, has to offer.

Advanced(runs on Mondays, starting February 13)

In Advanced the stakes get higher as we deepen the work. You’ll develop your artistry and your technique while continuing our unwavering focus on being comfortable, simple, truthful and natural in front of the camera. Using scenes from current television and film screenplays, you’ll work in front of the camera every class. You’ll develop your ability to quickly analyze a scene and what’s required of you and we’ll record your work for your personal review. We’ll explore the realities of being on set and how to consistently access your skills under these challenging conditions.

Classes are 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm, every Sunday or Monday, for 6 weeks.

A photo and resume must be submitted before attendance can be confirmed. Please visit our website to register!

Advanced class is $452.00 (including tax)

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