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Make Your Own Big Break.

“Don't wait by the phone. Call yourself." - Nia Vardalos, My Big Fat Greek Wedding (originally a one woman show)

You have something to say. You need a show. To start, take this 2 day workshop with the expert. Work with Anne Marie Scheffler, the queen of the solo shows, to create your very own one person show that will change the world. Your world, to start! Open conversations with: “I wrote a show about…” and “I just got off stage..” and “my series is based on my live show…”

This workshop is perfect for actors who want to move their career forward. Also a great place for creative minds to turn their story into a show or play. Learn about the business of solo shows, festivals, professional theatre seasons, and content creation. There are many ways to make it in this business, and one way is to have a successful live solo show. Write your own big break. Be “the voice of” your generation. Be powerful. Change the world.

Posted by: Anne Marie Scheffler
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