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Monday, October 29th, 2018

4:00 pm - 7:00pm
Theatre Ontario Boardroom
Suite 350, 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto

Are you an actor struggling to let go of a character? A director working on intense material? A teacher looking for tools to support students in their performing careers?
Performing is an intense job. We give our whole selves over to it – sometimes even losing ourselves in it. It creates physical tension and mental stress, and challenges us to go to deep emotional places. And it can be difficult not to take our work home with us at the end of the day.
How do we deal will this? How do we cool down after performing? How do we make sure that what happens on stage, stays on stage?
In this hands-on workshop we’ll explore a series of simple, practical exercises to help you release the physical, mental and emotional stress accumulated from performing and come back to yourself. We’ll talk about vicarious trauma and the importance of creating boundaries between your personal and performing lives. And we’ll learn how to build a personal practice you can use after a performance or rehearsal, to help you do all this.

Plus, you’ll go home with a copy of Mairin’s e-book – Perform. Release. Repeat: Developing Your Own Post-Performance Recovery Practice. – that includes written and audio versions of all the exercises explored in the workshop and more!

For more information, please contact the Education Coordinator, at or call 416.408.4556 x10
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