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Dates: Jan 25th and 26th, 2020

with John Beale

Jan 25th and 26th, 2020
Saturday and Sunday 11am-5pm
Tarragon Theatre
30 Bridgman Ave
Toronto, Ontario

Cost: $300 + HST
50% discount for returning students
20% discount for Equity and ACTRA members.
Pre-registration and payment is required as
space will be limited to 14 people.


This work helps us get unstuck. It teaches us to listen, to re-discover play, not to push too much or shy away but to let go and be attuned to the moment - to find our open, sensitive, vulnerable, human and ridiculous quality. For performers, non-performers.

“How do you find your clown? By following this saying to the letter: ‘When laughter breaks out, the clown isn’t far away. When laughter dies down, the clown goes away. Where is my clown? He is born in laughter, lives near laughter and dies beside laughter”-Philippe Gaulier.

John Beale is an actor and teacher of acting, improvisation and clown. He is a graduate of the Philippe Gaulier École international de théâtre in France, and he has trained, performed and taught extensively as a company member with the internationally acclaimed Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts. He is now on faculty at Humber College, George Brown College, Seneca College at York, Randolph College and The Toronto Film School. John is also a master clown and has offered clown performance workshops and coaching since 2005.

"With this work people have to find a way of being beautiful and surprising...and by beautiful I mean being in the grip of pleasure or freedom.”

Philippe Gaulier

We are more interesting than we think. We tend to present a polished veneer or a character we think people would like to see -both do us a disservice. With this training we learn about our deeply human and ridiculously funny side. Our idiot twin. The belly laugh from the audience is about the witnessing of something true and human and irresistible. Clear the debris. Step out of your cocoon and discover your beautiful ridiculousness.


"Dear John, When you did study in my school in Paris I did recognize you as a great actor. When I saw your show I recognized a great writer, poet and actor. But I knew it already. Thanks for your show, your friend, Philippe Gaulier”

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