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Wed. July 8, 5:30 to 7:30PM

Join me and actors from across the country for a Zoom Voice Class so you can feel better, develop your talent, and nourish your soul !

Wed. July 8, 5:30 to 7:30PM

This class is Pay What You Can to ease the financial strain for actors & singers.
$10 or $15 is the suggested minimum. $20 is greatly appreciated.

No prior voice training required.
Non-performers welcome to inquire.

There will be one more class this summer on Wed. July 22 @ 5:30PM. No classes in August.
Zoom voice classes for actors will resume in September, still on a Pay-What-You-Can basis.

Established clients will get the Zoom links for the classes emailed to them a couple days in advance.....if, for some reason, you do not get it, feel free to contact me.

**New performers, please email Sarah with a resume and mention how you heard about the class. The Zoom link and all necessary details will be emailed to you. This pre-class intro is simply to avoid uninvited guests joining a class and ‘sharing’ offensive text and/or images.**

Monthly in-person drop-in voice classes in Toronto will re-start whenever it is safe to do so. At that point, primarily for the benefit of clients who do not live in the GTA, reasonably priced monthly drop-in classes by way of Zoom will continue to be offered.

A good voice & body warm-up allows us to release feelings & thoughts into the air without words. Our feelings are expressed through vibrations and our minds are given time to rest.

A free voice leans our bodies towards health, our minds toward clarity, our voices toward sincerity and our souls toward creativity.

Stay Safe. Enjoy the weather. And create time in your life every day for HAVING FUN !

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