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Register by Friday, September 7th at midnight for on-camera scene study classes with John Gordon at the Dirt Underneath in the East End.

Applicants will be notified on Monday about placement and classes begin the week of September 17th.

Session Five Schedule
Mondays 6-10pm (September 17-October 29; no class Thanksgiving Monday)
Tuesdays 11am-3pm (September 18-October 23)
Wednesdays 6-10pm (September 19-October 24)

$445 (includes hst) – 6 classes
Learn more or Register here.

This is a class for working film and television and theatre actors.
Maximum number of students: 10

What am I responsible for bringing to my acting and what do I leave to inspiration? These questions never end, they are different for every actor on every day and it’s a teacher’s job to help an actor with these questions as they prepare to be on set, on stage or in the audition room. In these classes, actors will learn their strengths and what they need to work on in front of the camera. Points of emphasis will be: seeking out visceral objectives; the belief that an objective is attainable; finding compelling obstacles through both character and in-depth script analysis; and learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable while working in front of the camera through breath and physical awareness on existing film and television scripts.

Footage is played back in class and emailed to students. Private coaching also available.

"Working with John gave me the confidence to walk on to a Clint Eastwood set open and willing to dive in, head first. John just gets it. His practical holistic approach to class extends far past the boundaries of the studio; it changes the way you live your life as an artist. He’s brilliantly intuitive, an expert communicator, and a perceptive observer. He has an incredible ability to hone-in on and speak your personal artistic “language”, and he prides himself on creating/maintaining a safe space at the studio to challenge your boundaries and limitations. He’ll help you to reinforce your foundation, grow your skills, and discover what’s unique that you bring to the table. Classes are fun, focussed, non-judgmental, and, ultimately, full of actors who are booking." —Michael Lomenda/actor (Jersey Boys)

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