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Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese word for a way of looking at the world which finds consolation and beauty in the unfinished and imperfect.

It is a sensibility and aesthetic that accepts that things are always in process, dwells in possibility, and is in harmony with nature.

Yoga and wabi-sabi are most compatible in their view of impermanence and the principle of non-attachment. Cultivating non-attachment is a freeing exercise for artists, in learning to silence the inner critic, to "let go" and overcome perfectionism.

Through a flowing sequence of hatha yoga and a post-yoga hands-on art activity, we can explore the meaning of wabi-sabi and how it is exemplified in art and nature.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to recognize wabi-sabi in nature — observing the lotus flower as a metaphor — and apply the principles and aesthetics of wabi-sabi to a creative practice.

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