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Terra Incognita

Following the first Mask Building Through Character Workshop, participants will then be led through a character building exploration with the masks they created or ones provided by the facilitator.

Participants will be introduced to basic mask performance and character creation techniques. Participants will be given the opportunity to explore themes and issues they are interested in through improvisation and ensemble exercises. The goal of this workshop is for participants to explore the masks, themselves and their surrounding community.

You may take Character Creation – You, Society and the Mask Workshop without attending the Mask Building Through Character Workshop, though it is recommended participants do both .

Date: Fri, Dec 2 at 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: 1859 Kingston Road

About the Facilitator
Alexandra Simpson is an interdisciplinary actor, creator and director with training in dance, music, physical theatre (mask and clown), voice and collective creation. She has a BFA in Performance Acting (Ryerson Theatre School) and a Masters in Documentary Media (Ryerson University) with a research focus on degrowth environmentalism and performance as tool for social change within consumer cultures. Alexandra is the founder and artistic leader of Terra Incognita Collective (, a group of six local artists that use performance to discover alternative ways of being and challenge the perceived chasms between market and consumer, politician/expert and civil society and artist and audience. Alexandra specializes in collectively created, site-specific, documentary mask works that seek to mobilize and strengthen communities.

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