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Shadow Book

Bring a simple story or a collection of images and we will transform them into a shadow puppetry book you can take home with you and have handy to perform at a moment’s notice.

You will be guided through a process of transforming your story into graphic-novel-inspired shadow puppetry. This is a very simple, accessible and elegant form of LED shadow puppetry, made up mostly of still-frame images with very few moving figures, so that one person can puppeteer the entire story on their own. Learn to build your own pop-up cardboard mini-theatre to project your shadow puppetry at parties, events, or even on the street corner. With this technique, the puppeteer can direct the viewer’s eye in a very filmic way, zooming in and out of sections, and making a dance of light and shadow.

Sunday May 8th, 10 am to 4 pm

$100 + $20 materials
Total Fee $120

Toronto School of Puppetry, Puppetmongers Studio. Unit W-23, 388 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Please contact Puppetmongers
Tel: 416-469-3555
Or visit:

The Toronto school of puppetry is dedicated to building and strengthening Canada’s puppetry culture through education, and by supporting the development of new work by emerging and established artists. It is for people from all walks of the arts who are interested in learning about and integrating puppetry into their artistic practice.

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