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We will be using sonnets, monologues, and writing projects to explore personal connection, rhetoric (the art of persuasion,) structure of the verse, and poetic imagery.

Our goal is nimble dexterity of body, breath, and language; to expand the physical and imaginative instruments to suit the demands of Shakespeare’s verse... Dancing heart’s desire with playful wit. Come be curious.

Our vocal explorations will follow the Linklater Tradition while incorporating various textual analysis and personal connection methods. Utilizing the actor’s unique ingredients, we will work to share our most compelling selves in the most public way, to gain freedom and ease from perceived limitations and a prescribed performance.

Bob has spent 15 years performing, training, and teaching with:
- Shakespeare & Company (Lenox, MA)
- Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (London, UK)
- Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, SK)
- David Smukler and York University (Toronto, ON)
- Canada’s National Voice Intensive (Vancouver, BC)

6:00pm - 10:00pm Sundays (March 19th***, April 9th - May 14th)

918 Bathurst (one block north of Bathurst Station)

$300 gets you 7 x 4 hour classes

Limit of 8 participants.

Contact Bob Wicks with questions or to apply:

*** Come as you are. There is not need to prepare anything for the first class.


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