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Three Sundays: November 26, December 3 & 10 | 10am-4pm at Puppetmongers’ Studio (Dundas East & Carlaw) | $225

Join the Puppetmongers at the Toronto School of Puppetry to work on the creation of a show. Beginning with a story idea, we will work through the entire process of storyboarding/scripting, design, construction of puppets and scenic elements, and delve into developing the characters and voices, along with blocking and rehearsing the show.

This workshop will focus on the whole art of creating a show – a condensed version of the way Ann & David of Puppetmongers Theatre create their own works. To get this all into three Sundays, and because we love this form of puppetry, we will be working with shadow puppets – a quick and effective form of image making.


About Puppetmongers:

Puppetmongers’ aim is to explore and advance the theatrical possibilities of puppetry, to promote the art by making our new and broader definition of puppetry into a widely accepted part of theatre. Our definition encompasses all objects manipulated for a theatrical purpose be they representational or nonrepresentational, including the scenic elements and live performers when used as objects. Puppetmongers Theatre was founded in 1974 by the sister and brother Co-Artistic Director team of Ann and David Powell.

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