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Deadline: Thu, June 25, 2020
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EDT

Associate Artistic Director, Indrit Kasapi, shares what to keep in mind when thinking about creating your own theatre company.

About this Event
Indrit will discuss how you can go about creating one and cover several topics including: How to get a Business Registration Number; What are the various governing structures?; and How to write your mandate/values among many others. 

This session is useful to anyone who's thinking about starting a theatre company as well as those who might have already started a theatre company but are in the early stages of it or have more questions. Indrit knows this might not sound super exciting but he promises that he will make it super fun, including dance breaks to POP music. (and by POP music he means Britney or Beyonce)!

A link to the event will be sent out to participants on the day of.

ASL Interpretation available upon request.


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