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November 17, 18 & 19th.

Fri. 17th, 6-10pm; Sat. 17th, 12:30-6:30pm, Sun.19th,10am-4pm $175.00
TDT Studios, 80 Winchester St/Parliament
Fiona has created a unique approach to Viewpoints, combining somatic warmups, Mary Overlies’ SSTEMS (the original) and SITI Companys' 9 Viewpoints. In all the body disciplines ‘call and response’ is one of the most important aspects of the performers toolkit. There is an inner and personal kinaesthetic impulse that feeds the outer expressive response. That response encompasses space, shape, and time; covering all aspects of the performative experience.
The workshop is divided into 2 sections: one the internal, personal response to our impulses (solo work) and the second, responding to the outer world of each other and the space (influenced).  Each day features a somatic practice preparing bodies for movement; personal movement exploration through Mary Overlie's SSTEMS (space, shape, time, emotion)and the 9 Viewpoints by Anne Bogart. By responding to the influence of each other and the space through locomotion, shape, text or song. scenes and stories to be created spontaneously, folding in and out of the work. Everyone is asked to bring in a song and learn a short text. This weekend workshop is open to professional artists from all performing disciplines. No drop-ins svp.

"....the lesson is how to make it live, how to make it breathe...
The viewpoints training asks us to stay awake inside of a structure" D Mather.

$175.00  Payment can be made by E-Transfer to jenniferdallas@ OR cheque to Kemi Contemporary Dance Projects:159 Dundas St East, #312, TO, ON. M5B 0A9

FIONA GRIFFITHS (RN, BFA, MFA, MA) is an acclaimed multidiscipline performing artist with extensive performing and teaching experience in dance, theatre and clown. Intensive study in all aspects of performance has resulted in SourceWork, integrating both the inner and outer performative experience. Fiona regularly teaches SourceWork work nationally and internationally and collaborates with performers in creation and presentation. Recently she collaborated on Kittley Bender, a Dora award winning show. She also teaches somatic work, movement, and fitness. As well as her private practice, she teaches at The Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance. Special thanks to the Ontario Arts Arts council for an International Residency Grant in 2016.

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