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WORKSHOP: KINETICS (the ball work). All classes take place at Toronto Dance Theatre Studios, 80 Parliament St/ Parliament. Register with Fiona Griffiths at

1/ SPRING KINETICS: 4 Mondays in May, 4/11/18/25. Mondays 6:30-8:30pm. $100.00. 4 classes to focus on the details of this fabulous ball technique. Play with weight and tension, explore alignment and revel in sensory moving. Add soft bolsters and the myofascial retraining of the Melt technique of Sue Hitzman and explore how to: “Reconnect: heighten body sensing skills, Rebalance: activate postural muscles, Rehydrate: restore the fluid state of of connective tissue, Release: decompress and mobilize joints" The joy of ball release is that no matter where you work the end result is a change in the fascial structure as a whole.

2/ KINETICS WEEKEND: June 13 & 14, 2015  $125.00
You thought 2 hours of Kinetics was mind blowing!! Wait until you do a whole weekend indulging body and mind in luxurious, serene, extended journeys into your tense, cluttered, worried selves. Hips, belly and ribs will be the focus. Personal requests will also be addressed.
The joy of ball release is that no matter where you work the end result is a change in the fascial structure as a whole.

Fiona Griffiths (RN,MFA,MA) teaches theatre and movement to actors, clowns, and dancers. She is an acclaimed multimedia artist with an extensive performing & touring experience in dance, theatre and clown. Fiona is also a nurse, Craniosacral and Alignment therapist and personal trainer. She has studied many movement modalities that have been woven into her fitness and health practice.  For more information please check

Read on for more information on Kinetics. Kinetic Awareness, developed by Elaine Summers of Judson Church Dance Theatre, offers movement education, experiential anatomy, skeletal re-alignment, injury and chronic pain relief and major stress reduction. It is an essential tool in connecting with the somato-sensory system and in rejuvenating the body/mind. Kinetics is a sensory experience of weight and tension developed through personal observation of proprioceptive and kinaesthetic processes. Lying on various sized air-filled balls, massaging soft tissue, and exploring anatomy with slow, gentle movements; relaxes the muscle, quiets the mind, releases joints and allows the unwinding of the fascial highway.

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