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The Course:
This course is part seminar part workshop; it is a broad introduction to the world storytelling scene, both in Canada and abroad.
What is Storytelling? We will explore traditions and contemporary practices in Canada and abroad, identifying narrative trends and styles, as well as storytelling techniques that include other arts. We will discuss how to develop practical skills and techniques in storytelling. Finally, each participant will identify one or two preferred styles as a listener and as a teller.

Saturdays September 21 & 28, 2019
2:00pm – 4:30pm
Friends House (60 Lowther Ave)

The Instructor:
Mariella Bertelli is a versatile storyteller experienced in performance but who also loves telling in intimate settings to audiences of all ages, including babies. She believes in the power of stories to transform and inspire. She has told in Canada, U.S., U.K., Belgium, Italy, South Africa, Australia, U.A.E. with a wide repertoire, from long narratives to tiny tales. For the last four years she has successfully directed Ensemble storytelling shows for the International Storytelling Festival In Toronto. Mariella has taught storytelling courses and has presented a variety of workshops to adults, children and families; she is a speaker on storytelling and is active in the storytelling world community.

The Company:
Storytelling Toronto is an organization that has continued to teach, celebrate, and explore the art and tradition of oral storytelling.
Over the years (since 1979) many hundreds of people have taken workshops at Storytelling Toronto, and many thousands of have come to the annual Toronto Storytelling Festival to enjoy stories told by local, national, and international storytellers. From experienced, seasoned elders to young tellers experimenting with the nature of spoken narrative, Storytelling Toronto is a creative centre for story-lovers who share a passion for and a vision of storytelling as an transformative art in contemporary life.
Storytelling Toronto continues to run the annual festival and courses for adults. It also produces a weekly StoryTent at The Stop Farmer’s Market at Artscape Wychwood Barns, cabaret series StoryFusion, a resource library, and regular e-newsletters for a community that includes well over a thousand storytellers, story-listeners, teachers, librarians, theatre artists, writers, parents, and others.

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