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Presented by Julie Whelan, Nordicity | This workshop will educate creative industry stakeholders to how shared services can help them to achieve core goals. With an informative seminar providing information on shared services as well as best practices, “Stronger Together” will teach creative industry professionals how to make sense of the world of besieged donors, overtaxed corporations and belt-tightening governments.

New digital technology has enabled the automation of some administrative tasks and remote services are now routine. Today the cloud is a reality and mobile personal communications are “everyday.” In this environment, there is the potential to attain enhanced organizational productivity, knowledge sharing, cost savings and other efficiencies though the introduction of shared services between like-minded organizations, such that more time can be focused on content creation, programming and other core mandates.

February 23 at Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw St. Toronto | Cost $45 | Register at

This workshop is part of the Business Skills for Growth series designed specifically for people working in arts, culture and creative industries. BSFG is an Artscape Launchpad pilot program.

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