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3 days of workshops, presentations, and an open space sessions

SummerWorks Exchange is a series of events to facilitate artist and community growth, to strengthen the ecology of live performance in Canada, and expand our dialogue and collaboration with the international arts community. Including training and networking opportunities between artists and curators from Canada and beyond, the Exchange is the place where we come together to share and connect, confront the big questions facing our community today, and make plans for the future.

This year the SummerWorks Exchange is offering workshops, presentations, and an open space sessions focused on ‘systems change’: looking at how to create conditions for change, enact change and alternative models for producing, collaborating, and making work. Artists will also have the opportunity to pitch new works in open studio and social settings.

Artists, Arts workers, and members of the public can purchase a ticket that gives them access to all events during the day to any or all of the three days of the SummerWorks Exchange.

For more information and to buy tickets: CLICK HERE

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