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When: Monday, March 9, 10:00am-1:00pm
Where: The Berkeley Theatre Rehearsal Hall at 26 Berkeley St.
How much: No cost
Application Deadline: Tuesday February 17, 2015

Join Matthew Jocelyn, Canadian Stage Artistic and General Director and director of Harper Regan , for an intimate professional development opportunity. This directing workshop will focus on both the benefits and limitations of table work in informing the directing process. It is part of our new Masterclass initiative, a series of up-close-and-personal experiences with artists from our season, allowing local professional and emerging artists to converse with and learn from internationally acclaimed field experts.

Participants will prepare in advance a scene of their choice as if they would be preparing to conduct table work for this scene. All participants will be offered a complimentary ticket to Harper Regan and will be encouraged to see it prior to attending the workshop.

Matthew Jocelyn , an internationally acclaimed producer and director of theatre, dance and opera as well as arts administrator and educator. He was the Artistic and General Director of the Atelier du Rhin in Alsace, France for 10 years. His professional credits include: founding Théâtre de l’Autre Rive and Théâtre Des- Hérités in Paris; guest director at Canada’s Stratford Shakespeare Festival where he received critical acclaim for the direction of Pierre Corneille’s The Liar (Le menteur) in 2006; and developing and directing original plays, operas and translations in Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany and Brussels. He was appointed Artistic and General Director of Canadian Stage in February 2009.

To apply, send your resume along with 2-4 sentences explaining how this workshop will benefit you as an artist to by Tuesday February 17, 2015. Early submissions are encouraged.

About Harper Regan
One Autumn evening, after learning of her father’s impending death, Harper Regan walks away from her home, her husband, her daughter, and keeps going. She tells no one where she’s going or whether she’s coming back. She’s put everything she’s ever worked for at risk. Her journey takes her to the very borderlines of the relationship between eros and thanatos, sex and death. Harper Regan is an absorbing story, a woman’s tale of the need to explore the very meaning of loyalty, morality, and the bonds of family.

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