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TextBODYBODYText is a workshop lead by theatre maker Susanna Fournier.

It's for writers who construct texts for performance. (plays, lectures, performance poems)

What participants will come away with:
- expanded impulse based writing approaches
- 28 hours of supported in-studio time to light that fire under your ass and get you started on that new piece or advance that piece you’re stuck on
- 2, one hour dramaturgical sessions with Susanna (to be scheduled outside of workshop hours)
- 2 hour group session with director ted witzel on how he works with writers using post-dramatic dramaturgies
- a clearer understanding of how you work with content and form in your writing and how to manipulate this relationship
- a chance to immerse yourself in non-realist performance creation that will (so help me gods) never feature a couch on stage (unless it’s on fire as a throne for demons)

This workshop focuses on practical and philosophical approaches to writing:
- how language and story spring from the body & how impulse and body work can open the writing practice
- language as a physical act & dramatic action slung/sung/cast through time and space
- non-linguistic composition (writing as image, sound, gesture)
- relationships between language, form, and design
Fees & Other Things

- EARLY BIRD RATE, register before Jan 25th: $250 + HST (282.50 total)
- Register after Jan 25th: $275 + HST (310.75 total)
- $50 non-refundable deposit required to register, balance due on day 1 of workshop
- some scholarships available and flexible payment schedules are possible (money is real, please inquire, let’s talk!)
- Paypal, cash, and e-transfer accepted
- maximum of 8 workshop participants, must be available to attend all 4 studio sessions:
Feb 5&6th (1-6pm), Feb 14&15th (10-6 pm) @ Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Road, 3rd Floor, Toronto

Dramaturgical one on ones will be scheduled between each participant and Susanna as per each participant’s writing and development timeline needs.
To register (or for questions) please write to:

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