Industry Listing, Workshop / Classes.

Fee: $50.00

This course is about preparing for an audition, and creating a self tape while being coached. The following areas and technique will be approached:

  • On characterization, personalization, relaxation, improvisation
  • On given circumstances, objectives, actions and as if’s
  • On bold life and death choices, risks and originality
  • The casting directors’ point of view (what may the director be looking for)
  • The producer’s point of view (type, setting, the most economic choice)
  • The writers’ point of view (story)
  • The actor’s point of view (character)
  • Continuity’s point of view (physical and emotional)

YOU GET…confidence to own the room. Enhance your listening skills, guidance in crafting your boldest acting choices, and insight into the business.

Posted by: Al Bernstein
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