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How can we make our puppets truly awake, aware, alive? How do puppeteers create the illusion of life?

Breath and movement isn’t quite enough. We must also perfect the visual cues that we feed to our audience so they will really believe it when our puppet needs something, wants something, likes something, listens to something, displays a feeling, and reacts to its surroundings. In this workshop we’ll put a new instinct into our hands and make our puppets think, look, hear, see. They will seek, find, eat, taste, and drink. They’ll feel; they’ll give; they’ll share, and they’ll play. Whatever the style of puppet you choose to bring, we will give it the illusion of thought.

Saturday May 21st, 10 am to 4 pm.

$100 registration

Toronto School of Puppetry, Puppetmongers Studio. Unit W-23, 388 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Please contact Puppetmongers
Tel: 416-469-3555
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The Toronto school of puppetry is dedicated to building and strengthening Canada’s puppetry culture through education, and by supporting the development of new work by emerging and established artists. It is for people from all walks of the arts who are interested in learning about and integrating puppetry into their artistic practice.

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