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Study the art of showing up, being open, sensitive, vulnerable, human, ridiculous, finding your special quality that connects you to others, being present and engaging to an audience, connecting and opening a channel between you and them.

This work helps us get unstuck. It teaches us to listen, to re-discover play, not to push too much or shy away but to let go and be attuned to the moment. To be, not do. It's a rudimentary practice for anyone. For performers and non-performers.


Actors, dancers, filmmakers, painters, musicians, writers, stand-up comics, poets, teachers, acrobats, lawyers, clowns, doctors, public speakers, life coaches, facilitators, administrators, toy-makers, surfers, rocket-scientists, computer programmers, inventors, Feldenkrais practitioners, massage therapists, chefs, event planners, mindfulness practitioners, psychotherapists, social workers, university professors and many others.

Location: Toronto, TBA
November 16th-20th
6:30pm-9:30pm each evening

*Past participants who would like to try a turn they've been developing are invited join the group for the final hour of the workshop Friday at 8:30-9:30. Please contact me to reserve a slot.


John Beale is a Toronto-based actor, teacher and director. A graduate of the Philippe Gaulier International Theatre School in Paris, John also trained, performed and taught extensively with Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts. He is an artistic associate with reWork Productions in Toronto. He has been holding publicly offered workshops in the Joy of Failure since 2005. More at

"With this work people have to find a way of being beautiful and surprising... and by beautiful I mean being in the grip of pleasure or freedom".

Philippe Gaulier

Cost: $300 + HST
50% discount for returning students
20% discount for Equity and ACTRA
Pre-registration and payment is required
Space will be limited to 14 people.

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