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Where: Toronto (Queen/Spadina; exact location and room details to be given upon registration.)

When: Sunday 21 May 2017, 10:30am - 1:30pm

How Much: $90 (20% discount if you mention that you saw it on TAPA)

What? The Physiology of Fight/Flight is my most popular workshop. It addresses all those various things that are —and are not— going on in your body during a nervous moment, and helps you learn how to deal with the physiological aspects of stage fright.

Who’s it for? Musicians, actors, speakers… anyone who has ever been held back in their performance by shaky hands, sweaty palms, rotten sleep patterns before the big day, bathroom disasters, tight voice, shaking limbs, shiny foreheads, panicky heartbeats, tummy distress… have I forgotten any? Bring your questions. We’re going to talk -all- about it. ☺

To Register: Register by 17 May. Email to register.

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