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Things On Strings with Shawna Reiter.
Saturday February 21, 10 am to 4 pm.
Puppetmongers Theatre - Unit W-23 at 388 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, ON

This workshop is about incorporating strings into your puppets. All materials have their own properties of movement, relationship to gravity, tension, weight, character and sounds. Working individually and in team’s participants will create string puppets out of a variety of materials to explore movement, breath, impulse, and focus. Emphasis will be on experimentation and exploring the possibilities of materials in relationship to movement. Please note that this is not a class about classical marionettes, although many of the principles can be applied.

Shawna Reiter is the co-founder and artistic director of CLUNK Puppet Lab, where she creates original work through the exploration of highly visual theatre. Her most notable shows include: “How I Became Invisible”, “The Climbing Man”, and “The Unremarkable Disappearance of Mr. Ogorki”. Shawna has devised a hybrid practice that integrates her artistic training with her passion for puppet theatre. She has created puppets for Forte Musical Theatre’s “Maria Rasputin Presents”, Old Trout Puppet Workshop’s latest show “Ignorance” as well as their new NFB film “The First Christmas Present”.

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