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In this workshop, participants will be led through a dynamic process which deconstructs three famous dramatic narratives - “Hansel and Gretel”, Romeo and Juliet” and “Star Wars” - to see how they conform to the elements of the classic three act structure.

Learners will come away with an understanding of how balancing scenes, plot points, obstacles, the crisis and climax are used and how they can be applied to new narratives being created by students.

“There is no right or wrong way to structure a dramatic narrative. For every rule there are exceptions. However, I have found a thorough understanding of the three act structure is a lens through which one can order ideas, events, themes and characters into a cohesive, satisfying whole.” - David S. Craig

David S. Craig is one of Canada’s most prolific and successful dramatists. His work has won the Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Production three times, the Chalmers New Play Award three times, the Rideau Award, The Canada Council Prize, The Writer’s Guild Prize, and a Harold. In 2014, The City of Toronto awarded Mr. Craig with the Barbara Hamilton Award for Artistic Excellence.

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