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Two-Day Voice Intensive taught by Actor / Designated Linklater Voice Teacher Sarah Weatherwax, Spring, 2018.

In this two day workshop for Actors & Singers, participants will learn a wide range of voice & body exercises that encourage relaxation on the inside of the body even while the outer layer of musculature is activated. Actors need to be flexible, relaxed, wide open in the middle of their bodies regardless of whether or not the text is a musical comedy or an action film, classical or contemporary. Starting from that state of readiness allows the actor to listen more openly, be effected more deeply, respond more instinctively and let their voices go where the text takes them.

Day 1, Mon. March 26, 2018, 10am to 6:00pm:
Learn body/voice exercises designed to relax and energize for work as well as some quick ways to prepare for auditions and performances. Exercises taught will include: spinal awareness & breath awareness, humming & freeing exercises, jaw, tongue, soft palate work, breathing power, resonators, range, articulation and so much more...

Day 2, Tues. March 27, 2018, 10am to 6:00pm:
After starting the day with a very complete body & voice warm up, each student will receive in-depth, individual text coaching time. Group text exercises will also be explored. Coaching will come from a voice & body point of view. Experience the direct application of Linklater voice work to acting text.

With a free voice an actor is more expressive and transformative. Physical and vocal character choices open up. Accent work improves. It is easier to quickly access emotion, creativity and instinct. It is easier to be more fully present and to listen more openly.

Intended for career performers and career-minded actors/singers in training. No previous experience with this method is required.

Cahoots, 388 Parliament St. East (Enter from Trefann) Toronto, Ontario

$275.00 & 13% HST or CAEA, ACTRA, Straeon - $220 & HST.

Email to register or ask questions. Note 'Toronto 2018' on subject line. Deadline, Friday March 16, 2018.
Include a brief letter of interest, mention applicable discounts and attach resume. See for instructor bio.

** Apply early to hold space, limited enrollment.**
However... inquiries welcome after the deadline, pending availability.

Find out what it feels like to be free.

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