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Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Workshop with Daniela Rosu on collecting effective User Stories for developing digital tools in the performing arts.

Performing Arts Information Representation Community Group (PAIR-CG) at the W3C is a group designed to collaboratively create digital infrastructure to support performing arts digital tools. The group meets monthly and is open to all, including artists, arts organizations, critics, producers, audiences, funders and other members of the performing arts community.

In this 1 hour workshop, join Daniela Rosu, an AI expert in knowledge representation and reasoning, as she guides us through the process of collecting effective User Stories for developing software. In this case, we're working towards representing core concepts in the performing arts in what we call an information representation standard, which is a foundational layer to support the creation of new digital tools.

There are many uses for an information representation standard, including the potential to impact audience growth by helping to improve the quality of recommendations in online search. Consider, for example, the ability for an audience member to search for an upcoming arts experience by an artist or arts organization and have relevant and appropriate content returned to the user. Building software that can solve these challenges about appropriate personalization of search results is possible, but first we must decide on how to represent core concepts in the performing arts in a way that machines can use. To do this, we are calling on domain experts in the performing arts (aka. YOU) to contribute.

This event is suitable for anyone who is looking to contribute to the PAIR-CG, or who is interested in building a better future for artists and audiences. Participants will walk away from the workshop with a principled approach to gathering User Stories (and what a User Story is!) and a template for how they can contribute to the work of the PAIR-CG (either by sharing your own User Story, or gathering one from another community member). We will also be doing some introductory training on the project management tool GitHub.

This work is vital to shaping the future of performing arts in a digital world, and we encourage all to join us!

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