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Voice-Over Training with Tony Babcock & Lauren Ferraro

Voice-Prov will give you an overview of the commercial and animation voice-over worlds! Utlizing scripts and improvisation you will build characters, learn microphone technique, and uncover tips and tricks to use when in the booth!

Over the course of 2 challenging days, you will work to uncover your true voice, hone your skills as a voice actor and bring those skills to the mic!

Each day will be broken up into 3 parts (of course)...
Part 1 - Unlocking Your Natural Voice
Work with expert Voice Coach Lauren Ferraro to discover your natural voice, find relaxation and gain confidence.
Part 2 - Mic Technique / Improv
Work with Voice Over Actor & Coach Tony Babcock to learn microphone technique and create characters and circumstances through improvisation
Part 3 - Working with Scripts
Now that you have built a solid foundation you will work with Tony to dissect a 1 commercial and 1 cartoon script and learn how to bring it them to life in the booth.

Each participant will recieve an mp3 of their recording to take home with them.

To hear past participants work, click here:

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