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Writing Theatre Reviews That Matter Workshop with Lynn Slotkin

Wednesday January 18, 2017
3:00-5:00 pm
Theatre Ontario Boardroom, Suite 350, 401 Richmond Street West
$40 plus HST Regular Price
$20 plus HST for Theatre Ontario individual members

Learn the skills necessary to be a successful and sought after reviewer, critic, blogger and writer of theatre

Traditional theatre coverage through the print and broadcast media is shrinking, yet the creation of theatre productions is expanding. Reliable critical voices are needed more than ever. This workshop will provide insights on why theatre reviews matter, and provide guidelines on what to look for in order to assess a theatrical event, and then write about it clearly, informatively, effectively and with confidence.

The workshop will help you discover:
• What’s the difference between a theatre reviewer and a theatre critic?
• Is there a standard structure for an effective review?
• What do I need to know before I write a review?
• What do the various creative people in a production do?
• How can I improve my reviewing skills on the job?
• How much or little of the story to divulge to tantalize the reader to finish the review and then possibly buy a ticket to the play etc.
• The dos and don’ts of a review.

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